SDL Tridion: how to get WebDAV url of an item

Suppose you have to reference an item and you don’t want to use the id. Or maybe you just need the full path. One simple way is to edit the item, go  to the Info tab and get it’s location: you should have something like this: [csharp]\910 Design HTML\Building Blocks\System\Templates\Assemblies[/csharp]...

1 minute read

SDL Tridion: how to reference a parameter schema

This is going to be my first post on SDL Tridion and I’m going to explain different ways to reference a parameter schema from a ITemplate implementation using the TcmTemplateParameterSchema class attribute. So, assuming you are creating a nice .NET assembly with your Template Building Blocks and you want to reference a...

2 minute read

SDL Tridion training course, day 1

Ok this is going to be very interesting: RazorfishHealthware is sending me to Amsterdam with a colleague to study the SDL Tridion CMS ! This is the 5th time I visit Amsterdam and each time is special….I’ll make sure to post more news and pictures in the next few days 😀

1 minute read

ASP.NET Dropdownlist with groups

looks like it’s not possible to have optgroups in an ASP.NET Dropdownlist without subclassing. Today I found a very useful snippet on stackoverflow that allows to group items on client side and I want to share it with the world: server: private void AddItemToList(DropDownList list, string title, string value, string group...

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