SDL Tridion: how to reference a parameter schema

This is going to be my first post on SDL Tridion and I’m going to explain different ways to reference a parameter schema from a ITemplate implementation using the TcmTemplateParameterSchema class attribute. So, assuming you are creating a nice .NET assembly with your Template Building Blocks and you want to reference a...

2 minute read

SDL Tridion training course, day 1

Ok this is going to be very interesting: RazorfishHealthware is sending me to Amsterdam with a colleague to study the SDL Tridion CMS ! This is the 5th time I visit Amsterdam and each time is special….I’ll make sure to post more news and pictures in the next few days 😀

1 minute read

ASP.NET Dropdownlist with groups

looks like it’s not possible to have optgroups in an ASP.NET Dropdownlist without subclassing. Today I found a very useful snippet on stackoverflow that allows to group items on client side and I want to share it with the world: server: private void AddItemToList(DropDownList list, string title, string value, string group...

1 minute read

Goodbye equilibriointestinale!

The client decided to shut down the project so is now offline. It was a very interesting project (at least technically) and one of the few that didn’t raised my stress levels 😀

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