11 Unconventional Tips for Improving your Programming Skills

This is just a repost of an interesting article I found today and I think it’s worth sharing. TL;DR (for all the lazy people out there, me included): 1. Eat Well, Sleep a Lot, and Stay Hydrated! 2. Take Periodic Breaks, and Get Increased Productivity 3. Learn How to Pump Yourself...

1 minute read

Unity: Using an FSM to control your GameObjects

Thanks to my good friend Maurizio, who’s been helping me removing the dust from my memory, today I’ll show you how to use a simple FSM to control your GameObjects 🙂 First, if you don’t know what an FSM is, please read this, and maybe this too. Done? Good. Now...

2 minute read

MVC: passing complex models in GET

I started recently to work on a REST WebAPI project and soon realized I needed a way to pass complex parameters to my GET actions. For example, in some cases I have “searcher” classes that expose properties like pagination data, text fields, identificators and so on, something like this: [csharp]...

1 minute read

Download SQL Server Express and say “Thank you Scott”

Thank you Scott. Really, this is going to be awkward, but somebody had to do something. Akamai NetSession? Come on Microsoft, you’re better than that! So, well, thanks Scott.  Here’s the link: http://www.hanselman.com/blog/DownloadSqlServerExpress.aspx      

1 minute read