Handling validation with dynamic forms

Quick tip, more of a reminder for me. In case you have to add/remove fields from a form dynamically and want to apply validation rules on client-side here’s how you should do: [csharp] $form.removeData(“validator”) .removeData(“unobtrusiveValidation”); $.validator.unobtrusive.parse($form); [/csharp]

1 minute read

11 Unconventional Tips for Improving your Programming Skills

This is just a repost of an interesting article I found today and I think it’s worth sharing. TL;DR (for all the lazy people out there, me included): 1. Eat Well, Sleep a Lot, and Stay Hydrated! 2. Take Periodic Breaks, and Get Increased Productivity 3. Learn How to Pump Yourself...

1 minute read

Unity: Using an FSM to control your GameObjects

Thanks to my good friend Maurizio, who’s been helping me removing the dust from my memory, today I’ll show you how to use a simple FSM to control your GameObjects 🙂 First, if you don’t know what an FSM is, please read this, and maybe this too. Done? Good. Now...

2 minute read

MVC: passing complex models in GET

I started recently to work on a REST WebAPI project and soon realized I needed a way to pass complex parameters to my GET actions. For example, in some cases I have “searcher” classes that expose properties like pagination data, text fields, identificators and so on, something like this: [csharp]...

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