DynamicConfig on Nuget!

Just to say, I published DynamicConfig on NuGet this morning, here’s the link 🙂  

1 minute read

Behold! DynamicConfig is here!

A couple of days ago while working on Videum ( as usual ) I was in need of a simple configuration mechanism, something that would allow me to use plain text files. Maybe with JSON data but without the need of accessing values with dictionary-like syntax like [“key_name”] and so on....

1 minute read

Hi my name is Simon. I want to play a game.

Who’s Simon? Nobody? My God, are you living under a rock? Simon is an elecronic game created in the late ’70 where you basically had to push some buttons in a specific sequence that gets longer and longer. Still nobody? Ok, here’s the wiki. Why this introduction? Because Simon is...

1 minute read

Pagination with MongoDB

In the last few months I have spent some time looking at the traffic stats for this blog and looks like this post is attracting a lot of visits, so this time I decided to write a couple of words about how to page query results from a MongoDB collection....

2 minute read