Xamarin: Text-to-Speech on iOS
Xamarin: Text-to-Speech on iOS

Xamarin: Text-to-Speech on iOS

2016, Aug 11    

hi All!

Almost a month has passed since the last time I wrote a post. Many things are happening in my life and unfortunately I can’t study anymore all the time I was used to.

Luckly the last few days I had the chance to install Xamarin Studio on my Macbook Pro and play a little bit. What a relief!

I spent a while trying to understand the interface (sorry but I’m used to Visual Studio, my bad) then I started thinking what could have been a nice thing to prototype. At the end I decided to start with text-to-speech. Why? Because I love the way my dog moves her head when I have my Mac calling her name 😀

I uploaded a sample on GitHub, as you can see the UI is pretty simple, just type the text and press “play”:


The core of the sample is in the TextToSpeech class which makes use an instance of AVSpeechSynthesizer , not exactly rocket science.

I am planning to add some customisation, like the ability to change pitch/tone and culture, so stay tuned 🙂

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