Why I love and hate IIS7

2012, Feb 09    

Yeah, I missed you too guys.

Anyway, this took me a while to find out. But things like these are exactly what makes my job a continous research for enlightenment.

In a nutshell, seems that in IIS7 there’s a different way to setup httpHandlers. And I’m not referring to the simple change of parent node in the web.config ( from to ). </p>

As many of you have probably already noticed, the handler tag now has a new name attribute. Yeah, an unique name.
Probably this should make some bells ring. Anyway, the big news (the REALLY big news) is that with IIS7 httpHandlers do not support any more multiple mappings.

Right. No more.

You can’t do anymore something like this: <addpath=*.aspx,*.html,*.whateververb=*type=MyHanlder.CustomHttpHanlder/>

But you’re forced to:
<add name=MyCustomHanlder1path=*.aspxverb=*type=MyHanlder.CustomHttpHanlder/>
<add name=MyCustomHanlder2path=*.htmlverb=*type=MyHanlder.CustomHttpHanlder/>
<add name=MyCustomHanlder3path=*.whateververb=*type=MyHanlder.CustomHttpHanlder/>

As I usually say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


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