Look at that! A glowing bomb!

2010, Sep 08    

Ok, I did it. I made a Silverlight game.
Actually I’m not very proud of it, but at least it was veeeeery funny to write  It took just a couple of hours, and I spent most of the time searching on Google for the assets (to the authors: please don’t blame me. If you feel bad for the fact that I’ve used one of the fruits of your creativity, please, let me know. Seriously. )
To be honest, I already had some of the sources because they were part of an old XNA project, but…
I’m not happy of the performance, so I think I’ll start it again from scratch, just for the fun of it 

Anyway, here’s the link, enjoy!

Oh yes. It’s a minesweeper clone. Yes, like the Windows’one. No, no flowers.


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