It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.

2019, Dec 01    

15 pieces of luggage. 10 small trolleys. 5 big boxes for a total of 126 kg. A wife, two kids, parents-in-law and a cat. 2 planes, 13 hours of total flight time.

That’s what it took to change my life and the one of my loved ones.

Obviously this doesn’t take into account all the time spent for the preparatives, planning, talking, discussions. All the laughters and the hugs for the joy of change. All the sadness and sorrow for the upcoming day of goodbye.

We moved all together to Montreal, Canada

After a couple of years, I have abandoned the clothes of the Principal Software Engineer for Dell to wear those of the Senior Software Developer for Fiska . Tomorrow is going to be my first day in this new professional life.

Am I scared? Yes. Even after all my years in the industry. But I get the chance to learn a new domain, meet new people and acquire new tools for my belt.

Knowledge is power.

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