DynamicConfig updates
DynamicConfig updates

DynamicConfig updates

2015, Jun 06    

Today I spent some time working on DynamicConfig , I had some minor/major refactorings in mind and also a couple of features I wanted to add.

Probably the most important update is the possibility now to save the configurations to file, operation performed directly by the library when a property changes. At the moment this feature is available only when a configuration was previously loaded from file, but I plan to extend this.

In a nutshell, all you have to do is load a configuration from file:

var filename = "config.json";
var providerName = "json";
var configName = "myConfig";
dynamic config = Config.Load(providerName, configName, filename);

and then just update a property, the library will do the rest 🙂

Internally what is happening is that the configuration class ( ConfigObject ) now implements the IObservable<> interface,  so whenever a change occurs the registered observers will get a notification. The JsonConfigProvider instead implements IObserver<> and subscribes to the events during file loading.

A quick description to the Observer pattern can be found on CodeProject here ( although the pattern is very well know and I am sure doesn’t require introduction ). The idea is to maintain a list of objects that will be notified by the observer each time a specific event occurs on the observed class  itself.

On the ConfigObject class I also added a Parent property so that each message will be sent also to its subscribers.

Now I just have to add a couple of error checks and push the build to NuGet 🙂

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