DirectX what? 11 ?

2010, Oct 12    

It’s just a quick update, nothing special…
A friend of mine asked if I had some spare time to write a “not-so-technical” article on DirectX 11. He’s the admin of the Italian Civilization Blog, and they’re preparing for the new version of the game, so he thought it would be nice to share some infos about the new tech. Ssssooooo…. here’s the link, I know, it’s in italian, but…well… ermmm….. look at that, a three-headed monkey!

Oh yes, I forgot to say. Two things.

First one, after a couple of days, the article got linked on the nVidia Italian Facebook profile. Yay!

Also, my friend has opened a contest on his website (italian, yes), so if you own a copy of Sid┬áMeier’s Whatever, you could win a GeForce GT450 !

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