Coming back to life
Coming back to life

Coming back to life

2021, Sep 08    

3 months ago I wrote a post on LinkedIn that made almost 45k visits in few days. Few things happened since then and I got slightly sidetracked.

It’s been a while now since my last post. Almost 3 months. Initially I was like “I’ll just let this week pass, then I’ll start blogging again”. Then one month passed and I was not even thinking about checking the analytics. Then another month.

I wanted to get back to writing, really. But all of a sudden, it felt like I had nothing else to tell the world.

I felt drained.

That was the sum of all my experiences. Every post I published, every talk I gave, every single line of code brought me there. And now, finally, I was at peace. I was whole.

That moment of epiphany is now passed and I’m looking at things from a different perspective. I’ve achieved my life-long goal, just to realize that the world is mine to take as it was before.

I will blog again. I actually have some ideas already. Probably won’t be as often as it used to be, but it will happen.

I am also still working on OpenSleigh, although there I’m more in a passive mode. Waiting for users to tell me how they use the library and what they want.


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