Back to the primitive

2010, Feb 10    

It all began with Silverlight. I mean, things lead to other things, and soon I started working on the Effect class… and soon I realized I needed some kind of shader editor, so I installed Shazzam. But Shazzam requires the DirectX SDK, so…

Now I remember why I love so much C++ ! It took me two weeks to fully remember the syntax, to learn the basics of the new DirectX 11 and to write a very basic renderer I’ve spent just half an hour every two/three days (late night programming sessions, of course), but it’s funny to return to the origins. Well, at least I didn’t start again with a spinning cube!

[singlepic id=29 w=320 h=240 float=center]

the model is from Elder Scroll 4: Oblivion, I’ve imported it in 3D Studio Max and exported in the old DirectX .x format, but I plan to switch soon to .fbx…Maybe in a month or two!

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