Back to the ’74 with a 8080 emulator – part 3: running on OSX

2020, Feb 05    

This is probably going to be one of my shortest posts. Just a quick update on the 8080 emulator I started writing a while ago.

When I started the project I was working on a Windows machine. These days however I went back to my lovely Macbook pro. I still prefer using Visual Studio on Windows for “enterprise” coding, but I have to admit that VS Code is definitely a nice alternative.
And no, I don’t like VS for Mac, so don’t even ask.

Of course the code was not running at the first attempt so I had to make some minor adjustments. First of all I ported it to .NET Core 3 as 2.2 was feeling too stone-agey.

Then I had to face some dependency issues with System.Drawing on OSX, which eventually were solved by just running `brew install mono-libgdiplus` . Easy-peasy.

As Scott Hanselman wrote a while ago, there’s a bunch of other .NET Core drawing libraries out there, so I should probably get rid of System.Drawing at some point in time.

The emulator is still unfinished, there’s a bunch of instructions that I still have to finalize. Of course I plan to keep spending time on this, it has been an extremely interesting learning exercise.

Also the code so far is definitely “not clean” as I would like, there’s a lot of room for improvement. Once stabilized, I’ll do a “refactoring cleanup” and try to come up with a better design.

Till then… stay tuned!

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