2009, Nov 15    

Due to a lack of time (and of a good modeler), I started working on a 2d engine..but this time with adifferent approach.

So, which is for you the best starting point? I’m pretty sure many of you will answer “Tetris!”, but for me is..Pong!
I’m using XNA, so the natural choice for the name is Xong, but whatever…these are the results:



As you can see, I tried to keep the old-style-look, all the “so-called-graphics” are dynamically created, no files are used (well, except the fonts).

It took me 3 days of work: 1 day to write a good basecode, an input manager and putting all into a slightly modified version of the wonderful Xna Game State Manager.
1 day to write the necessary classes, ball response, and AI.
And… another day to play with my 7-years-old cousin 😀

It was really funny to realize that a child doesn’t see the difference from a game made in a few hours and a AAA title. She just played and enjoyed it.

Next stop: Snakex!

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